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5 x why the Powerboat is the best boat to take you to Klein Curacao

When you are in Curacao a visit to Klein Curacao is truly worth your while. This uninhabited piece of paradise is located at 10 kilometers from Curacao. You can swim with the turtles, explore the island and relax to the max! The only way to get to the island is per boat and you can choose from multiple providers. Why is the Powerboat the best boat for you to take you to Klein Curacao? We have listed 5 reasons below:

1. Speed: Go fast or go home!

Most boats take approximately 1-1,5 hours (or even longer) to get from Curacao to Klein Curacao. With the Powerboat it takes you less than 1 hour, often only 45 minutes! This is of course depending on the sea conditions like wind, waves and current. Our record is 16 minutes! Of course we will always take the group into account and when the sea is rough we will adjust our speed accordingly. For this reason we ask you to move with the boat and to squat when we jump over waves. Also, if you have any neck, back or other pains we discourage you from booking a tour to Klein Curacao.

2. With the Powerboat you will not be sea-sick.

Do you get seasick quite fast? Is your stomach not quite ocean-proof? Then the Powerboat is the best boat to take you to bounty island Klein Curacao. You can read other guests’ experiences here, many of them were afraid to get seasick and they will guarantee you that you will not! The magic is that we are a fast boat and we are low on the water, as a result of which we do not rock back and forth!



3. You experience a true adrenaline-rush with the Powerboat

The Powerboat is nicknamed ‘The Beast’ for a reason. With 600 HP behind the boat we reach speeds of up to 100 kilometers. Take a look at our Youtube-channel or our Powerboat gallery to get an impression of what it is like to be on board of Powerboat Caribbean. The captain is an experienced skipper who is responsible and will always do his utmost to guarantee your safety on board.


4. Sleep late in the morning

Waking up early when you are on holidays is not what most people appreciate. The Powerboat leaves at 10 am from Zanzibar at Jan Thiel Beach so you can party the night before, sleep late, have some relaxing morning coffee and get on the boat around 10 am. We get back at the pick-up location around 4 pm so you can enjoy the happy hour on Saturday at 5 pm or relax on the Jan Thiel beach. With the Powerboat you do not ‘lose’ a whole day on Klein Curacao but you can combine it with some more activities as you please!


5. Small-scale experience

The Powerboat has maximum 10 people on the boat for all trips. This small-scale experience is what all of our guests have praised us for. The captain is from the island and can tell you a lot about Curacao and he has some fun facts for you! Sometimes, after 3-4 hours the group has seen it all on Klein Curacao and when we discuss it with the group we can head back a little bit earlier and show you the Spanish Water or we can drop you off at a great snorkeling spot named the Tugboat. Because we host small groups the whole trip is flexible and designed for your personal experience.

A trip to Klein Curacao has to be on your list when visiting Curacao! With Powerboat Caribbean we guarantee an amazing experience. Read more about Klein Curacao and the prices at Powerboat Caribbean here.

Book your Klein Curacao trip now by sending an email to reservations@powerboat-caribbean.com, via our contact form or by calling us on 0059995669697 (also available on Whats’app).