Powerboat Klein Curacao

5x why the Powerboat is the best boat to take you to Klein Curacao

When you are in Curaçao a visit to Klein Curacao is truly worth your while. Here, you can swim with the turtles, explore the island and enjoy Curaçao’s largest beach! The only way to get to the island is by boat and you can choose from multiple tour operators. Why is the Powerboat the best boat to take you to Klein Curacao? We have listed 5 reasons below:

1: Speed! We are extremely fast. 

Most boats take approximately 1,5-2 hours (or even longer) to get from Curaçao to Klein Curaçao. Strong current, wind and waves make it a challenging trip for all boats. With the Powerboat it takes you less than 1 hour, often only 45 minutes! This is of course depending on the sea conditions. Our record is 16 minutes! If the sea is rough we will adjust our speed accordingly, and sometimes it means we have to cancel our trip because of the choppy conditions at sea.
We need you to move with the boat and to squat when we jump over waves. Basically it’s like riding a horse, but on a boat 😉 Coming back from Klein Cura
çao we are travelling downstream which makes the ride back way smoother. 

2: Afraid of getting sea sick? You won’t with us!
Do you get seasick quite fast? Is your stomach not quite ocean-proof? Then the Powerboat is the best boat to take you to bounty island Klein Curacao. You can read other guests’ experience here, many of them were afraid to get seasick and with the Powerboat they did not! The magic is that we are a fast boat and we are low on the water, as a result of which we do not rock back and forth!

3: Not a morning person? No problem, we depart at 10 am! 

Waking up at 6 am to catch a boat is not most people’s idea of a vacation. In addition, you might get seasick during the 1,5-2 hour transfer! Not a nice foresight if you ask us..
The Powerboat leaves at 10 am from Zanzibar at Jan Thiel Beach so you can party the night before, take it easy in the morning and hop on board at 10 am. We get back at the pick-up location around 4 pm so you can enjoy the happy hour on Saturday at 5 pm or relax on the beach. With the Powerboat you do not ‘lose’ a whole day on Klein Curaçao but you can combine it with some more activities as you please.

4: Skip the crowd with this small-group experience

We host groups of maximum 10 people to provide you with a small-scale and personal experience. Skip the crowd and enjoy a day in paradise with a fabulous crew, delicious lunch and ice cold beers. Our small scale adventures are perfect for families, you can charter the whole boat for a private experience that does not break the bank. Contact us for possibilities and pricing.

5: Our crew will make your day unforgettable

We are Irvin & Tamara, and we make it our mission to make your day with us unforgettable. If there is anything we can do for you, we will run and make sure it happens. Not only do we know a lot about the island, we love to make you feel at home with us, as if you’re out with friends instead of ‘crew’. Our shared passion is tourism and boats and judging by the big smiles on everybody’s faces we think we are doing a good job 🙂

Book your spot here or send us an email reservations@powerboat-caribbean.com

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