Beach hopping & Blue Room

About The Tour

This full day Powerboat adventure is a must if you are looking for a fast way to see the island’s highlights and explore some hidden local gems. This tour is our top-selling shore excursion for cruise ship visitors. Watch sea turtles from up close, swim in the Blue Room cave, snorkel in crystal blue water and enjoy a delicious lunch. Your Powerboat adventure is fast but most importantly it is safe, with experienced captains & a crew to make your day memorable. Itinerary might vary due to weather conditions. 

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7 hours

Pickup Points:

Jan Thiel Beach, Mood Beach, Marichi Pier (cruise ship pick up)

What's Included:

Softdrinks, beer, water, lunch (Barbecue)


Blue Room, Snorkeling, Beaches, Playa Piskado (Sea Turtles)

The Start of Your Adventure

If you want to get the most out of your day, the most bang for your bucks, this is the tour for you! We made this tour for people that want to explore the island, who love the ocean and will not say no to an adventure. With our beach hopping & Blue Room tour you will explore the highlights of things to do in Curaçao. With several pick up points we make boarding easy and accessible for you. 

Some of the highlights we visit:

One of our stops is the ‘Blue Room’, famous for the blue light that shines into the cave. It is a beautiful spot for snorkeling and diving and a unique experience in Curaçao. Our crew will guide you in and out the cave to show you the way. Please listen closely to the instructions that he/she gives as you might be asked to dive and swim in the cave. This depends on the sea level, sometimes you can swim in without any problems but sometimes the sea level requires you to dive a little bit under and swim 3 feet under water to avoid bumping your head. Inside the cave you will be amazed by this stunning piece of nature. If weather conditions do not allow us to go in the cave we will offer an alternative snorkeling stop. 

Playa Grandi or Piskado:

Playa Piskado is where you have the chance to swim with sea turtles. These beautiful creatures are attracted by the fish remains that fishermen throw in the water when they are done cleaning their catch. Please do not touch the turtles and give them space to come up for air. Sea turtles are a beautiful part of the underwater life and we would like to leave them alone as much as we can. Next to watching turtles you can spot colourful fish and coral here. 

Lunch, relaxing and

With this beach hopping adventure you explore and do a lot, but there is plenty of opportunity to relax. Around lunchtime we will either drop an anchor and serve lunch on board, or find a beach and dock the boat there. Depends on where we are around the time you get hungry 😉 Our crew will serve you a great burger, with salads and bread on the side. We take great pride in offering vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and/or dairy free options. Don’t forget to mention food-related information when booking. 

Important Information

A Powerboat tour is not suitable for pregnant women and people with back, neck or other physical pains. Children are welcome from the age of 6 and should be willing to wear a life vest. Our trips are weather permitting, even though we have 99 % sunshine all year long we do have storms which bring a lot of wind and bumpy sea conditions. If your captain decides the trip will have a different itinerary or if your trip is cancelled due to weather conditions we kindly ask for your understanding. 

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