5 questions we get asked the most on board

There are a couple of things we would like you to know before coming on board with us. Such as: a Powerboat is an adrenaline-experience, people with neck and back problems are discourages to book with us, children are welcome and a lot more!

To inform people well we have listed some of the questions we get asked the most below:

1. Will I feel motion sickness on the boat?

Motion sickness and the Powerboat is a combination we rarely ever hear. Our boats are characterized by their high speed and their low height so they do not rock. Our guests often tell us that they do not even think about sea sickness because the experience is so amazing, they simply forget about it! When the sea is bumpy or if you have a sensitive stomach it could be that you feel a bit nauseous but we rarely experience this on board.

2. Are children allowed on the boat?

That depends on how old/tall they are. Our guidance is 1.40 meter (4,5 feet) and an age of 6 years. We would like to draw your attention to the waiver that has to be signed for you and the child(ren) in your (parental) care. In our experience children love being on the Powerboat and we will always pay extra attention to them when the waves are high or the winds are strong.

3. Can I be the captain on the boat?

We understand that people would love to captain the Powerboat. Unfortunately it is not possible to let someone else other than a licensed captain behind the wheel. Our insurance company  covers potential damage only when a licensed captain is behind the wheel. The Dutch license is not valid in Curacao and most tourists are not in the possession of the Curacaoan license which would make it very irresponsible if we would let someone else be the captain.

4. Are we going to see dolphins?

Sometimes we see the dolphins four times per week and sometimes we don’t see them for several months. We cannot guarantee that you will see them but if we see them we always head straight for them. For the real dolphin experience you should visit the Sea Aquarium at Mambo Beach!

5. What is the most fun trip you have?

This is a question we get asked a lot and our answer is quite simple: Westpoint! The tour to the west coast is a true adventure because we go quite fast and can show the entire west coast to our guests. Within 1,5 hours we will reach the last beach called Playa Grandi/Playa Piskado, this is impossible with any other boat. You will discover a lot about the island and all the beauty it has to offer. Wait no longer and book your Westpoint-tour online now or by sending an email to reservations@powerboat-caribbean.com

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