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Our boats

Powerboat Caribbean exploits two RHIB boats in Curacao. RHIB is an abbreviation for rigid hull inflatable boat. This means that the boat has a rigid (strong) hull and on the sides we have big air chambers that give upward force to the boat during the ride.

Powerboat Caribbean I is a grey, 30 ft rib boat with 600 HP driving the boat. This boat is primarily used for trips to Klein Curacao, the Power-Up tours and Westpoint. We call this boat ‘The Beast’ since it is basically a Jeep on the water: strong, fast and reliable. With a topspeed of 50 m/ph you will experience an adrenaline boost and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Curacao.


The second boat named Powerboat Caribbean II is a 25 ft orange RIB boat with 400 HP behind the boat. In this boat you are seated in the back with a bimini that covers the seats. The Flying Dutch is the nickname we use for this boat, her top speed is 50 m/ph, an experience you will never forget!