Discover the west coast with the Powerboat: beach-hopping, turtles and the Blue Room!

You know that Klein Curaçao is a must-do on your vacation but for the more adventurous souls we recommend our west coast tour! Explore the beaches down the west coast, swim in the Blue Room and snorkel with turtles at Playa Grandi. Did you know there is one beach that has two piglets? We cannot wait to tell you which one that is! Next to this you are enjoying an adrenaline experience on a boat where you will not feel any motion sickness.

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We have listed some of the highlights of this tour below:

  1. Playa Grandi / Playa Piskado

If you want to be 100 % sure that you will see turtles, this is the place to go. Fishermen clean their catch here and this attracts many turtles. The turtles are all taken care of by the Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao, a foundation that strives to protect the sea turtles. Very often you will see the turtles from the boat but snorkeling is of course more beautiful!


  1. Playa Lagun: lunch break and relaxing

This beach is located between two rockeries, making it beautiful for snorkeling. We have lunch at restaurant La Bahia upstairs and you will have some time for your own. The lunch is for own account.

  1. The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a cave of +- 8 meter (25 feet) high and 5 meter (16 feet) deep. When the sun shines it creates a blue light in the water, hence the name Blue Room. To get in the cave you need to swim under a hanging rock. When the sea is quiet it is easy to enter but sometimes you will need to dive under and swim approximately 2 meter (6 feet). When the sea is very rough we cannot allow you to go in the Blue Room, we will let you know if it is safe to go or not.

  1. Swimming, snorkeling, tanning

We choose a nice beach for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. You can swim to the beach or you can stay near the boat. Often we choose Cas Abao because it is a beautiful snorkeling spot. Another popular beach is Playa San Juan which is a tranquil beach. Do you have any other beach in mind? Let us know and we will stop there too!

  1. Snorkeling favorite Tugboat

One of the last stops on the way back is snorkeling at a sunken shipwreck. The place is better known as Tugboat and you will see plenty of fish there. Coral and be found on the sunken ship surrounded by the most colourful fish.

Did we make you enthusiastic about this tour? Book your seats by sending an email to reservations@powerboat-caribbean.com. We run this tour every Tuesday with departure at 10 am from the Fishermen’s Pier and arrival around 5 pm. The price of USD 100 / NAF 180 pp includes softdrinks, water and snorkel sets.

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