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Your safety during your Powerboat-tour

The situation on the water during your trip

The boat trip we make on the Caribbean sea will give you a real adrenaline boost. We do have some circumstances where we have to be aware of: the current, waves, wind and the capability of our boat. We find it very important that we make a safe trip where everyone’s safety is guaranteed. We can make a trip with strong winds and high waves but if it means that we risk the safety on board we have to cancel the trip or offer an alternative. Our boats are seaworthy and safe but we always need to look at the people on the boat to see if the trip is going to take place or not. Before we make a trip we check out the situation on the water and decide if we make the trip or not. For this reason we also ask you to state the age of the people joining the tour, our limit is 6 years for children and +- 65 for elder people.

Safety briefing

When we welcome you at the departure location we give a safety briefing before you can the boat. The following will be told and asked:

– What is the situation on the water? Is it safe to go out, and if not, what could be an alternative for you?

– Is anyone pregnant? If so, you will be kindly asked to not participate in the tour.

– Is anyone suffering from back, neck or other physical pains? If so, you will be kindly asked to not participate in the tour.

– How to behave on our boat and what (not) to do;

– Where is our safety equipment: the fire extinguishers and the life vests;

– What do we do when there is a “man overboard” or even “skipper overboard”?


Our skippers are very experienced and have all the papers and documents that are needed in Curaçao. Every skipper has his or hers first aid papers and years of experience on the water.


Before we leave the dock, everybody needs to sign our waiver. It tells us that you understood our briefing and are aware that we are about to make a high speed tour where any injuries, if they occur will not be for account of Powerboat Caribbean.