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Frequently asked questions and answers

Do we get wet?

We make a trip on an open boat with high speed. The wind can be pretty strong in Curaçao. It is always possible that there is a spray of water over the boat. Fortunately the weather is always good in Curaçao so everybody will be dry in no time. It is also a nice refreshment.

Do the tours continue when the weather is bad?

Strong wind is not a reason not to go on a boat tour with our Powerboat. It can even be more fun. Before we leave we check the situation on the ocean and decide if we make the boat trip. When we think that it is not safe on the water, we will not make the trip. We can predict a lot of situations but always reserve the right to make a last minute decision not to go.

Is there a minumum or maximum age?

We do not have rules for ages. When you take a child on the tour we find it important that he or she can swim or wears a lifevest. We do have safety materials but think that it is most important that a child feels comfortable in the water. We adapt our speed to the group. So if there is a child on board we will not reach high speeds when the sea is rough. For elderly people it is important that they do not suffer from any back of neck problems.

I am pregnant. Can I go?

If you are pregnant you are strongly discouraged from joining a Powerboat-tour as the ride can be quite bumpy and your (and your childs) safety is most important.

Can I be the captain?

We understand that question. Lots of people have boats and know how to operate a boat. It seems to be fun and the ‘experienced’ boat owner wants to feel how it feels like. However there is a lot more than steering and handling the throttle:

– The sea at Curaçao is very unpredictable and a lot of experience is needed

– The boat has 600HP and is light-weight. We can get up to very high speeds and it only takes one second to make a mistake

– The insurance and the law in Curaçao tell us that the licensed captain needs to steer the boat

– We do have the responsibility over our passengers!

Can I get seasick?

Normaly we do not see people get seasick on our boat. That is because the boat is low on the water and we travel on high speed. In that way we do not make the movements that causes seasickness. When we lay still it is possible that you might start to feel a little bit seasick. Tell us in time and we will continue our way so it will stop immediately.