Klein Curaçao

About The Adventure

Klein Curaçao is a must-do when visiting Curaçao. This day-tour is the perfect destination to swim with sea turtles, snorkel and relax. The deserted island is famous for its pink lighthouse, several shipwrecks and snorkeling. Sea turtles can be spotted here and the beach is as white as you can imagine.


6 hours


Klein Curaçao bounty island
Sea turtles
Powerboat adventure ride


$ 150 per person

What is included?

Lunch (Barbecue), Bottled Water, Softdrinks, Beer & Wine

The Start of Your Adventure

Your Klein Curacao adventure starts at Jan Thiel Beach (Zanzibar Restaurant). We will begin by giving you a safety briefing about the boat and the day itself. It is important that you can move with the boat like you are riding a horse, to avoid back/neck or other pains. 

If you are afraid to get sea sick, the Powerboat is the best option for you. The Powerboat is a fast adrenaline experience with almost no sea sickness because we do not rock, and are boats high speed. The experience is unforgettable, and you will reach the island in less than 60 minutes which makes us one of the fastest boats to get you there. 

All of our tours are weather permitting and we reserve the right to cancel or postpone your trip if ocean conditions do not allow us to safely take you on board 

Klein Curaçao island

Klein Curaçao is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy your vacation in Curaçao. The island is located at +- 50 miles (25 kilometer) from the main island Curaçao and the only way to get there is by boat. With the Powerboat you experience an adrenaline adventure to get there. People choose us because they love action and we are the #1 tour operator that will get you to the island without you getting sea sick! Going out to the island might be a bumpy ride, depending on the current and the waves. If the captain makes the decision that the weather conditions don’t allow us to go out we will offer an alternative route where we take you sightseeing & snorkeling around the coast of main island Curaçao . Or, if you prefer, we can reschedule your Klein Curaçao trip.

Upon arrival at the island we will get all your bags to shore, and if possible we would love it if you could help us since we don’t have a tender boat. On the island we will tell you a little bit about the island, lunch time etc. You can walk around and visit the famous pink lighthouse and the two shipwrecks. Around lunchtime we will serve lunch (barbecue) on the beach for the ultimate Caribbean experience. 
It is possible to spot sea turtles on Klein Curaçao. Please do not touch them or grab them, they are wild animals and we like to observe them, not disturb them. 

You will have unlimited beer, water, softdrinks and wine throughout the whole day. Our friendly crew will be happy to serve you. Also, if you need some assistance when snorkeling just let us know we would be happy to go with you in the water. 

Around 3 pm we start packing up again and we race back to Curaçao which takes us only 30 minutes! 

Important Information

A Powerboat tour is not suitable for pregnant women and people with back, neck or other physical pains. Children are welcome from the age of 6 and should be willing to wear a life vest. The trip to Klein Curacao can be quite challenging and bumpy, depending on the situation at sea (wind, current, waves). If the captain decides that weather conditions do not allow us to go out we will offer an alternative route where we take you snorkeling & sightseeing around the coast of main island  Or, if you prefer, we can reschedule your Klein Curacao trip. 

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