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The roots of PowerBoat Caribbean

In 2006 we had a passion: riding the waves with a rigid hull inflatable boat. In 2007 Powerboat Scheveningen was started in The Netherlands followed by a similar business in Curacao in 2012.  After two years of preparing the new business was there in 2014 and we could give more people an amazing experience!

In 2017 the Powerboat switched owners and two young entrepreneurs took over the business. Driven by their passion for sailing and working with tourists they offer the ultimate adrenaline experience on the water.

Why choose PowerBoat Caribbean?

A trip with the Powerboat is an unforgettable experience. Whether it is a relaxing tour on the Spanish Water or a high-speed trip on open sea, you are assured of an amazing experience. At Powerboat Caribbean you do not only join a boat tour, you live an experience from the moment we welcome you at the pier until you tell all your friends and colleagues about the spectacular trip!

Your safety is very important to us and we will always do our utmost to ensure a safe trip. Some of the things we do to ensure your safety:

  • A clear and extensive safety briefing before you get on the boat
  • We are fully equipped with the best safety material that is checked and certified