PowerBoat Team

Captain Irvin

Irvin is our captain, born in Curacao. He grew up in a house that is located at the Spanish Water and he always says that he learned how to sail before he learned how to walk. If that’s true? You’ll have to ask him yourself!

From the moment he got in a boat his passion for boats and Curacao was there and when he was older he started working at watersport rental companies. In 2017 Irvin took over the Powerboat company together with his wife Tamara. Driven by his passion for boating and working with tourists he will guarantee that you have an amazing day with Powerboat Caribbean. 

As a very proud ‘Yu di Korsou’ (child of Curacao) Irvin cannot wait to show you the beauty of Curacao and Klein Curacao. He knows a lot about the history of Curacao and has some fun facts that he cannot wait to share with you! Irvin is a great chef and loves to grill. So your lunch is in good hands!

Pro tip from Irvin: wear sunglasses on board. Sometimes the ocean likes to kiss you and salt water in your eyes is not very pleasant. Sunglasses will keep the water out of your eyes.

Captain Tamara

Tamara is our captain, marketing & bookings lady, tour guide and she loves boating. Usually you will find her driving ‘The Flying Dutch’, but lately she is working more behind the scenes doing marketing/bookings etc. While doing an internship on Curacao she met Irvin, and she decided to move to the island. Tamara’s parents own a logistical company in Holland where they exploit a cargo ship so boating was something that was in her blood from the moment she was born. She has a lot of tips for nice things to do on the island by boat, car, quad or by foot! 

Pro tip from Tamara: For the women, I recommend to bring a hair mask. When you’re on the boat you apply it on your hair so the wind and salt don’t damage it so much. Something a male captain will never tell you 😉