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Sea turtles & Blue Room

Departure time

09.45h Jan Thiel Beach (Zanzibar Beach & Restaurant)

10:00h Mood Beach (Mambo Beach)

10:15h Marichi Pier


6 hours

Transfer time

About 3 hours of sailing and 3 hours of snorkeling/sightseeing


Barbecue (vegetarian options possible)
Snorkel sets


$ 185 per persoon
$ 155 for kids  6 – 12 years old

The most adventourous Snorkel & Sightseeing tour on the island

The most adventourous Snorkel & Sightseeing tour on the island

This adventurous sightseeing & snorkel tour is perfect if you want to see and do a lot in 1 day. With our fast Powerboats we bring you to the most amazing spots. You get to see a lot from the island: villa’s, beaches, mountains and lots of hidden gems. We recommend this tour to everyone that loves action, snorkeling and exploring the island. You will swim with sea turtles, explore the Blue Room cave and much more!

What is so special about this tour?

What is so special about this tour?

In our experience this tour is the most exciting one we have. You can combine it with our Klein Curacao tour to have 1 day of relaxing on a beautiful beach and 1 day of action. 


This tour is perfect if you don’t have a lot of time on the island and is highly recommended for cruise ship visitors. In 1 day you get to see almost the entire island from the water’s perspective. We love giving you tips or recommendation for things to do/see/explore. 

The Blue Room cave is a very unique experience, and swimming with sea turtles is simply a bucketlist item!  


You can compare the Powerboat to a rollercoaster, without loopings. With these fast boats we can take you to all of the island’s main attractions in 1 day. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride! 


With a maximum of 18 people on a boat a tour with us is guaranteed to be a good time. Our experienced captains & crew will make a day with us unforgettable. 

What do you need to know about this tour?

From the departure location we cruise along the coast of Curaçao to Playa Piskado. This local fishermen beach is where fishermen clean their catch and throw the remains in the ocean. This attracts a lot of sea turtles! While the crew prepares a delicious barbecue lunch you can spot sea turtles here! To protect these beautiful animals as much as we can we kindly ask you to not touch the turtles and to give them space.

Next stop is the Blue Room cave. This beautiful cave is known for the reflecting sunlight which gives the cave a blue glow. Some days you may have to dive and swim underwater for 3 feet to get in the cave. Our experienced crew is going with you to safely guide everybody in and out of the cave. If the ocean conditions do not allow us to go in we will offer an alternative stop.

Going back the real fun begins as we go against the waves and the wind. Please remember to move with the boat to avoid neck and back injuries. This is the most exciting part. Our last stop is near Kokomo Beach. Here you can see a lot of fish and coral, the water is gorgeous here.

If the ocean conditions do not allow us to operate this tour we will discuss alternatives with you. Pregnant women are unfortunately not allowed on board. Please be mindful that you may get wet, we recommend to wear sportive attire.

Please bring UV-shirts and sunscreen, preferably reef-safe such as Raw Elements. And kindly be careful using sunscreen sprays to protect our cushions and the boats. We also sell UV shirts and reef-safe sunscreen in our webshop to have the best protection against the sun.

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