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Duurzaamheid in de praktijk

Practical sustainability

Sustainability is something we try to incorporate as much as we can in our business. We think the generation after us deserves to enjoy the beauty of our island and ocean just as much as we do. Practically this means we do the following:

  • Reusable plates, cutlery and drinking cups;
  • We do not, as opposed to other boat charters, wash our dishes in the ocean;
  • We try to limit water use when we clean our boats;
  • We try to reduce the use of plastic as much as possible;
  • Actively promoting of cleanups and cleaning the island + ocean;
  • Recycling of bottles and cans.

Reef-safe sunscreen

It is important to point out that we actively promote the use of reef-safe sunscreen. What does this mean? Many sunscreen brands are damaging the coral. Certain chemicals in regular sunscreen contain oxybenzone and nano zink oxide, this bleaches the coral and is detrimental for the water quality. Reef-safe sunscreen is a good alternative that not only protects the ocean but also yourself, not containing harmful ingredients. Mineral-based Raw Elements is a good alternative. By choosing a reef-safe sunscreen you contribute to a sustainable protection of yourself and the ocean. Have a look in our webshop and add an eco-friendly sunscreen to your order. You will receive your sunscreen when you are checking in.

More information can be found here

Reef-safe zonnebrand
Beschermen van de dieren

Protecting the animals

We think it is important to leave nature alone as much as possible. This is why we do not allow you to collect shells and coral rocks. The shells, even though they look useless, serve as a hiding place and a home for hermit crabs and other animals. Please leave the shells on the beach. 

We see a lot of turtles on our tours. They are beautiful animals that need air and space to move freely. We are actively telling our guests to not touch the turtles, and will act against people that do (attempt) that. 

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