Are you looking for an adventurous boat tour in Curaçao?

Are you interested in a small-scale adrenaline adventure?
Don’t want to be stuck on a beach bed all day?
Do you want to avoid mass tourism and explore Curaçao the local way?

These are our most popular trips


Beach hopping & Blue Room


Klein Curacao

2,5 hours

Snorkel & Sightseeing

Our Team



Tamara is our ‘powerwoman’, not only is she a highly skilled captain, she is also a great cook. She makes the pasta pesto salad for the barbecue and is also the contact person for reservations. Her hobbies include travelling, beach tennis and cross fit. 

“I am Dutch and I moved to Curaçao in 2016, after following a 6-months internship here. In the past years I have met so many nice people, what I like most about our job is to see people enjoy an amazing day with us.”   


Irvin is an amazing captain and he loves barbecue! So your lunch is in good hands. Irvin was born and raised on Curacao and lived in Holland for 1 year. His hobbies include travelling, boating and beach tennis. 

“I grew up on the water and at the age of 10 I already had a very small boat. When I got offered the opportunity to take over the Powerboat company it felt like a dream come true. My passion is boating and specifically power- or speedboats.”



Gijs aka “Captain Flaco” is a very good captain and he loves good music on the boat. He grew up in Holland and sailed to Curacao in 2015 with his sailboat “Aluma”.

“I have a lot of experience in boating, especially on charter catamarans and sailing boats. What I like most about working on the Powerboat is the small group which allows us to really get to know our guests and entertain them.



Yasser is our experienced tour guide and crew on board. He grew up on Curacao and lived in Holland and the U.S. His major dream is to become a pilot. 

“Because I grew up on Curaçao I know a lot about the island and fun things to do. What I really love about working on the Powerboat is the action and adrenaline. Never a boring day with us! And the team is so nice, it feels like we are out with friends every day instead of just colleagues.”

Why choose the Powerboats?

You can compare the super fast Powerboats to a rollercoaster.
With 600 and 400 HP boats you will enjoy an adrenaline experience which takes you on an exhilarating ride.
Read more about our boats here.  


When you have experienced once in your life, there is one thing you know for sure: you will never set foot on another boat again.
Lucky for you, on the Powerboats you hardly get seasick.
This is because we’re going incredibly fast and we do not rock slowly back and forth.

We focus on small groups where you skip mass tourism and explore the island the local way.
A day with us feels as if you are out with friends instead of crew. 
Because we have such small groups on board, max 10 people, the Powerboat is perfectly suited for private charters.
We have hosted several families, groups of friends and special occasions where you charter the boat and bring your own company only.
Ask us for more information by sending us a message here. 

Are you ready for the best day of your vacation?